“The Biggest Family in the World”

For the past two years I have had the privilege of being a part of a story that is really beyond description.


I have previously written biographies about Charles Mulli. A six year old Kenyan boy who was abandoned by his family, but who grew up to become extremely rich. Then one day he decided to sell all he had, to go into slums and rescue street children.


The books themselves have reached people 16 and over.


But what about children?


When I met with Charles Mulli in January of 2013 we talked through the basic layout for what would become a children’s book about his life.


My friend Faye Hall has dedicated the last two years of her life to create 32 paintings that capture Mulli’s life. She has done an indescribable work. I could not even dream of the paintings being this good.


The measure of a true artist, for me, is not someone who draws you to their work, but rather to the story the work is depicting. When I look at her paintings‎ I don’t simply see Mully Children’s Family, I feel what it is like to be there.


The book will be officially launched in December. However, you are welcome to see each of the paintings this week. If you happen to come on Friday evening, Faye and I will be there to personally walk you through each painting.


I encourage you to take a moment to simply ask God what He wants to do in your life. His plans and His creativity is my greatest inspiration.


Here are the details:


Paul Boge and Faye Hall invite you

to a ONE WEEK ONLY showing for the Mully Children’s Family

32 paintings from the new children’s book

“The Biggest Family in the World”

the story of the life of Charles Mulli

written by Paul and illustrated by Faye

at the Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery

600 Shaftesbury Ave. (south of Grant at CMU)

Sept. 6th – 13th

Gallery Hours:

Sat. noon – 5 pm

Mon. – Fri. 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Friday, Sept 12th will be a special artist and writer evening (7:00 – 9:00 pm) with tours and stories.

For private tours, contact Faye at fhall@shaw.ca


An ideal opportunity to introduce children to an art gallery, so that they can follow the miraculous story of Mulli’s life in painting form.


The book will be released in the fall of 2014 by Castle Quay Books.


Article by CANSTAR Weeklies about the showing:



Short Video showing Faye’s studio (with the paintings) and previews of the book art:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptdujxBDpW4   (music courtesy of Steve Bell)‎


How do you pursue your calling?

Arvid Loewen CVR smallI admire Arvid’s ability to maintain a sense of humour while under such duress. I have seen this during two of Arvid’s tours that I previously had the privilege to be a part of. Now that he is on a loop on Henderson Highway I see the same joking nature come through.

I am a huge Germany fan.  Arvid a Paraguay fan. I pulled in to see him and I had my Germany flag on my car window and of course he had to point that out. If I had been cycling as long as he had been I am not sure I would have been able to recognize seeing a flag, let alone recognize the country it belonged to.

Another time when I stopped in to see him I saw him taking a brief nap – (what are the odds really, he sleeps so little) –  and it is so encouraging to see a man who is following God’s call.  To give 100% effort in carrying out the task God has called us to. To sleep so little in order to accomplish so much.

Last night it was pouring rain.  I was working on the Mulli script. It occurred to me that there was Arvid slugging it out in the rain cycling for MCF while I was up there in a room writing away for MCF. It seemed unfair really.

I don’t have the gift of cycling. And I am guessing that when the bugs are in Arvid’s eyes, the sun is drenching his skin, his muscles are aching, that the temptation to do something else besides riding might be quite high. It’s an incredible story. I think his son Paul has done a great job in telling it.

Why do I mention this?  We each get called by God to different things. What I find inspiring and encouraging about Arvid is that he is giving it all he has. Surrender to Christ. Dedication. Commitment.  Ecclesiastes 9:10 says: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”

So whether you are cycling staggering distances, or if you are like the two Pauls who are more into the  writing side of thing – God has given you a gift and a unique calling that will take everything you have to complete.

It’s just so cool to have a visual encouragement in Arvid. I hope you are inspired by his example to pursue your calling.

For details on the 2014 ride please checkout www.grandpascan.com