How do you pursue your calling?

Arvid Loewen CVR smallI admire Arvid’s ability to maintain a sense of humour while under such duress. I have seen this during two of Arvid’s tours that I previously had the privilege to be a part of. Now that he is on a loop on Henderson Highway I see the same joking nature come through.

I am a huge Germany fan.  Arvid a Paraguay fan. I pulled in to see him and I had my Germany flag on my car window and of course he had to point that out. If I had been cycling as long as he had been I am not sure I would have been able to recognize seeing a flag, let alone recognize the country it belonged to.

Another time when I stopped in to see him I saw him taking a brief nap – (what are the odds really, he sleeps so little) –  and it is so encouraging to see a man who is following God’s call.  To give 100% effort in carrying out the task God has called us to. To sleep so little in order to accomplish so much.

Last night it was pouring rain.  I was working on the Mulli script. It occurred to me that there was Arvid slugging it out in the rain cycling for MCF while I was up there in a room writing away for MCF. It seemed unfair really.

I don’t have the gift of cycling. And I am guessing that when the bugs are in Arvid’s eyes, the sun is drenching his skin, his muscles are aching, that the temptation to do something else besides riding might be quite high. It’s an incredible story. I think his son Paul has done a great job in telling it.

Why do I mention this?  We each get called by God to different things. What I find inspiring and encouraging about Arvid is that he is giving it all he has. Surrender to Christ. Dedication. Commitment.  Ecclesiastes 9:10 says: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”

So whether you are cycling staggering distances, or if you are like the two Pauls who are more into the  writing side of thing – God has given you a gift and a unique calling that will take everything you have to complete.

It’s just so cool to have a visual encouragement in Arvid. I hope you are inspired by his example to pursue your calling.

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Circumstances vs. Attitude

You may not be able to choose your circumstances. But you can always choose your attitude.

Have there ever been times when you wished you could have different circumstances? Me too. Then I learned something from Oswald Chambers. My friend Uwe gave me Chambers’ devotional book called “My Utmost For His Highest.” I love his writings. Chambers came at a time before the church became obsessed with self. His was a life surrendered to Christ. He was not out to ensure his life would go smoothly. He was, however, out to ensure that his life would be holy. By the power of God’s Holy Spirit alone. In his devotional book he repeats a line that has taught me much about the things that happen to us.

Oswald Chambers said: “God engineers our circumstances.”

It’s obvious when you hear it said that way. Not so obvious when you are in the midst of day, week or life that is unraveling. Continue reading


How did it feel the last time you extended grace to someone? Or put another way, how did it feel the last time you received grace?

Grace is defined as either getting what we don’t deserve or not getting what we do deserve. It is a defining characteristic of all great people.

I was late for a meeting yesterday. My fault 100 %. There was a time change and for some reason I misunderstood the update on my computer and didn’t figure out that it had incorporated the time change whereas I thought it had not. In any event, a meeting I thought I would be Continue reading

How Do You Hear From God?

How does God speak today?

I was driving through Minnesota this past weekend. It is an incredible state. Gorgeous. There is something so peaceful and inspiring in by driving passed farmer’s fields, rivers, and trees as they change colour.

I find that God speaks in many different ways.  I feel close to Him when I am reading His Bible, when I am writing, running, in hanging out with my family and friends. And more recently – when I am out in nature.

As I drive along I will suddenly see a farmer’s field, and I will be amazed. Why is that? When I was younger those images bored me. Now they are amazing to me. Maybe we change as we get older.

Or maybe we begin to hear God speaking in different ways the more we try to listen to Him. Continue reading

How Do You Choose To Spend Your Time?

Where do we draw our sense of relaxation and rejuvenation from?

I love movies. I love books. How about you? What are your favourites? I finally saw Star Trek Into Darkness. Fun show. Great, great writing. I always admire how screenwriters put their scripts together

As I write this I am in development for a feature film on Charles Mulli. I am also working on two books related to his ministry – one is a children’s book, one is a biography on one of his rescued children. So I am huge fan of film and books.

They have a powerful means of entertaining us, informing us and encouraging us.

But should films and books be taking the place of quality time with God?

I know, I know, the age old battle of God versus entertainment. I am not sure necessarily that in every case it is God versus entertainment. Continue reading