Do Christians have a responsibility to evaluate the information presented to us? How should we evaluate the looming crisis in Syria from a godly perspective?

We are told that the reason America is gearing up for war against Syria is because of chemical weapons.

Is that the real reason, or is it because of a natural gas pipeline?

Qatar is a leader in the export of natural gas.  If they can oust the ruling Assad in Syria and if a new government could be installed, they could build a pipeline through Syria and sell natural gas to Europe.  No small task. They would need help. Enter America. If the Americans are successful at getting rid of the Assad Regime that would allow Qatar or Saudi Arabia to build a pipeline through Syria to access the European market. Why would America help them do that? Because more natural gas into Europe would hurt Russia. Europe is a major consumer of Russian gas and with additional natural gas being made available from Qatar it would undermine Russia’s advantage. Ultimately, American involvement in Syria would be about strengthening ties with Qatar and Saudi Arabia and reducing Russian power.

Ultimately, the conflict all boils down to a fight about religion, natural gas and, of course and as always, money.

If this in fact is the case, it will be the exact same rational as the war in Iraq.  Russia and China had oil contracts in Iraq before the war. After the war, they are held by America and Britain. And the rational for the Iraq war that was given to the public was…chemical weapons.

Sounds familiar. The real motivation is kept quiet and a cover reason to convince Joe Public is brought to the surface.

So here’s my question.  Let’s say this is the real reason – and at this point that’s all we are saying – but if it is – Why are no Christians debating this? Christians are vocal about abortion, yet become strangely silent when America is ready to drop bombs on other innocent people.

It challenges us to ask ourselves a serious question. Where does our allegiance ultimately lie?  I think at face value many Christians would claim it is Jesus, but is that really the case?

One of my modern day heroes is Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  He was the German theologian who opposed Hitler and in the end paid for it with his life.  We celebrate him as a hero of the faith. He stood opposed to the easy tide of supporting Hitler and instead fought against a man who sold the people of Germany on a dream while all the while he was fueling a nightmare.

The real question about Bonhoeffer is not so much why one man was so righteous, but why so many others were so fearful.

Where were all the other German pastors?

We live in an age of instantaneous information. This was not available at the time of the Second World War. But surely there were many who did know and who could have done something, and yet did nothing.

I’m not comparing this attack on Syria with the Second World War. Far from it. I’m just drawing an observation that when the government heads in a particular direction on war, Christian leadership gets very, very, very quiet.


As followers of Christ we need to evaluate the information we are being given.

In America, at a time when attacks against Syria seem imminent, are there Christians that can be found to challenge the motive for war? Is there a Bonhoeffer, or a Schindler that will stand up and protect the average person in Syria – people like you and me – who may die – and for what – so that America can keep her declared enemies from becoming stronger?

I realize that politics and discovering the apparent true motives for conflict are not fun topics. We just don’t discuss them much. Sometimes we don’t want to believe there is something behind the curtain.

But as Christians, we are called to follow Christ first and foremost. And this requires careful evaluation as to what we support and why we support it.

That is what separates great leaders from all the rest.


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