How Do You Choose To Spend Your Time?

Where do we draw our sense of relaxation and rejuvenation from?

I love movies. I love books. How about you? What are your favourites? I finally saw Star Trek Into Darkness. Fun show. Great, great writing. I always admire how screenwriters put their scripts together

As I write this I am in development for a feature film on Charles Mulli. I am also working on two books related to his ministry – one is a children’s book, one is a biography on one of his rescued children. So I am huge fan of film and books.

They have a powerful means of entertaining us, informing us and encouraging us.

But should films and books be taking the place of quality time with God?

I know, I know, the age old battle of God versus entertainment. I am not sure necessarily that in every case it is God versus entertainment. Often times there is something that triggers in me a sense about God from watching a film or reading a book. I recently saw Blood Diamond again – a reminder about the need to treat the poor fairly. Lincoln was brilliant. Yesterday my niece told me how much she is looking forward to watching The Nativity Story again at my annual Christmas with all my nieces and nephews. No doubt God is in some films and some books. Sometimes directly. Sometimes a little more indirectly.

And we can argue that forever.

But, what about the time we spend on our knees versus the time we spend in front of the screen?  Why is it becoming more and more acceptable to spend untold hours watching TV, movies and being online or playing video games and increasingly rare for people to spend time on their knees?

In this world of unending entertainment choices there is a quiet option that is still knocking. And that is the old fashioned time on our knees at our bed with our Bible spread out and quietly reading and listening.

Nothing fancy. No car chases. No sci-fi action sequences.

I sometimes think it is hard for God to compete for attention in this culture.

Maybe He shouldn’t have to.

Sometimes we just want to flop in front of the TV, thinking we want to relax.

But have we ever tried relaxing with God?

I fear that we have relegated God to being ‘work’, and we have made tv and movies as being times where we can relax.

Maybe the next time you’re tired and need to relax, try taking time out with God.

I love writing. I love reading. Yet, if I can level with you, my favourite time of day is first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening when I take out my Bible and my prayer journal and spend time with God.

What if you spent half an hour or an hour a day for the next 40 days reading your Bible and listening to God? Just to try it out.

What kind of an impact might that have on your life or the people around you?


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