How did it feel the last time you extended grace to someone? Or put another way, how did it feel the last time you received grace?

Grace is defined as either getting what we don’t deserve or not getting what we do deserve. It is a defining characteristic of all great people.

I was late for a meeting yesterday. My fault 100 %. There was a time change and for some reason I misunderstood the update on my computer and didn’t figure out that it had incorporated the time change whereas I thought it had not. In any event, a meeting I thought I would be 45 minutes early for I was 15 minutes late for. Turns out, the men that I met extended their hands, smiled and truly made me feel like it was no problem, they laughed when I told them the reason.

Why do I mention this? Grace is amazing. Those guys had every reason to be disappointed. But they weren’t. They overlooked my mistake and they never brought it up again after that.

I think of the story Jesus says of the guy who owes his boss lots and lots of money and he can’t repay him. So the boss has mercy on him and forgives the employee’s debt.  But the employee then goes out and forces someone to pay him back a much smaller amount. The boss hears about this and throws his employee into jail saying that if he was forgiven so much, why shouldn’t he forgive the other guy.

Maybe you never received grace. Here’s my challenge to you – when someone has screwed up – just forgive them from your heart. Even if it goes against all sound reason.  Let your mind genuinely forget the offence and like a judge – just dismiss the evidence as non-admissible.

Maybe someone has really hurt you. Being late for a meeting is one thing. But sometimes the offence can really be intense. Whatever it is, think of the story of forgiveness, and the challenge that comes with it to forgive others.

One thing I know: Grace feels good. You may not remember a person who did something great. But you will always remember the person who treated you with grace.

I won’t forget those guys from this morning. You can’t fake genuine. These guys are the real deal.

And getting grace is the best deal anyone ever got.


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